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Gardenia and Hugo Oberti
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 Roberto Castellanos
Roberto Castellanos

 Erick Stuardo Rivas Chavez
Erick Stuardo
Rivas Chavez
Buenos Aires,
Puerto Barrios Iz

Hugo Oberti

Guayaquil, ECUADOR


Hugo Oberti has been used by the Lord to establish the apostolic and prophetic fundaments in the Church of Ecuador. He actually serves as the principal apostle in Abba Ministries of the Church of Guayaquil in this city. He is the president and founder of the T.E.A.M. Foundation (“Bringing Hope to the World” for its translation to Spanish), a non-profit organization which has been working since 1999 in the Coast region of Ecuador with low-resource populations in areas such as: Health, Education and establishing community banks.

Hugo Oberti is the general director of C.A.P. ECUADOR held since 2004. CAPs are apostolic and prophetic convocations with the sole reason of establishing the apostolic and prophetic fundaments in the church. He is actually promoting the Restoration of David’s Tabernacle through worship meetings and worship in every city of the nation. He completed studies in Mechanical Engineering, and many apostolic seminars in several nations of the continent. As a businessman, he is the president and owner of Impgraficorp S.A., a printing house with 20 years of experience in this industry. He is married to prophet Gardenia Morales and has three daughters and one son: Paola, Hugo, Valeria and Raquel. He also has two grandchildren, Natalia and Damian.


To form followers of Jesus Christ with a clear identity of sons of God, moving in the power of the Holy Spirit, to defeat the world and the flesh and become builders of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Our clear instruction from our Heavenly Father is teaching what the word says about “LIFE IN THE SPIRIT”. We feel that this is a forgotten instruction in the church and very necessary for every follower of Jesus Christ to learn to have a personal relationship with God and develop His Designs in the area where has been assigned, covering the 7 mountains that we need to conquer to established the Kingdom of God on earth.

To form healthy families and young saints who reflect Christ in their lives, and promote the intimacy with God as a way of life, with the worship in spirit and truth to restore the fallen tabernacle of David.

Finally about our nation, promoting a structural change in churches, establishing apostolic and prophetic foundations, to build the temple of God according His Design established in the word of God.

To be a part of the generation of sons that God is raising up in the nations, aligning us with brothers from around the world who has the same purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God.



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