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 Paul Viglo
Paul Viglo
Saint Priest en
Jarez Loire FRANCE

Since few decades, the Lord has been raising men and women to serve Him and manifest His kingdom. Thanks God for our elders!

But today, the church is at a specific point. As Jesus said, "the new wine can't be put in an old wineskin". The Church today needs to enter the full manifestation of the kingdom of God. For this, we need new wineskins.

There is a deep need of new wineskins for the new wine the Spirit is pouring down in the Church of our generation. This is the time for Joshua, Esther, David and Elisha to arise!!!

The former generation did his job very well. I honor and respect the works of the Moses', Mordecai's, Samuel's, and Elijah's. They were mighty Priests, Prophets, Queens, Watchmen and Watchwomen, Mighty warriors in battle… but today, the Church is in need of the raising of a new WINESKIN.

By saying this, I am not talking about age matter; I'm not talking about 70 years' old people against the young and teenagers. The wineskin is not a matter of old and young bodies. It's a matter of old and young hearts and mentalities.

I deeply trust what Mordecai said to Esther: "…And who knows, you may have gained your royal position for a time like this." Esther 4:14.

The Lord needs people who can work with Him without ceasing, people who can firmly stand at the gap so that The Kingdom should be manifest. I believe the body of Christ in France can move in a different way. Our elders have walked in a specific way, but today the Lord is looking for people who can walk in a new path. We can cause this nation to shift and be realign with His Destiny and Purposes.

That's one of the reasons why we are standing in France. We have been working to gather the body of Christ as one person to stand and move forward. Today as never before, I believe the Lord has set some people in each country and nation, as new wineskins to bear the new wine.

I believe the Lord has given to me and my ministry some tools as: - Prayer and Intercession, - Worship, - Teaching, - Gift of healings, restoration, - Apostolic call, - Grace to bring together people of any edge, - Etc.

I believe the Lord is enabling us to bring something new in our Sphere in France and Worldwide. I am 32 years old, the Lord took me through many stuffs: calling me early since childhood, through death and life, sufferings, rejection, etc.

My vision, my stronger dream is to see all this generation of Joshua, David, Esther, and Elisha ARISE!!! We can cause Change and Shift!

My determination is to bring all the tools the Lord has given to me, to serve Him; to serve this generation with the gifts and graces the Lord has given to me. I want to see this generation: - Healed and Restored; - becoming Disciples of the Lord; - Working in Intimacy with the Lord; - Becoming warriors; - Worshipers in Spirit and in Truth; - Etc.

I want to see the Christian breaking down the barriers of the Church; and becoming the Real Manifestation of the KINGDOM OF GOD!

The Lord has asked me and my ministry to gather Christians from all over France in worship and intercession for the France. On June 17th 2012, we've gathered more than 2000 Christians (France, England, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland and Belgium) in the city of LYON with Paul WILBUR and Chuck PIERCE.

For Pentecost 2013, the Lord has asked from us to gather France and the French speaking countries one more time for worship, intercession, teachings, Prophetic ministry. We are working on 3 gatherings: 1. The First in Marseille: the South of France. 2. The Second in Saint-Etienne: the Center, countryside. 3. The Third in PARIS: Nation Convocation.

For 2014, the Lord is asking from us to establish a school of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries. By doing this, the Apostolic and Prophetic anointing will be fully realized over the country.

Dearest, The Father is counting on us, let's arise and move forward. I believe in the True manifestation of the Kingdom of God, and not a human made kingdom.

We are in a new season, and the decision we make today determines what the future will be made of. God is counting on people like me to move forward.

Let's move on!!!




Jenny and Stephen Watson
Burton on Trent Staffs

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